Project of media planning for Subaru Italy

Planning for Subaru Italy

Media planning strategy for the automotive sector: the Subaru case

The Customer
Subaru is a historic brand of cars made in Japan.
Subaru is a leader in the segment of the 4WD.
The cars stand out for the high level of technology: boxer engine symmetrical AWD, SI-drive, CVT lineatronic, multi-mode DCCD, torque vectoring, double-oscillating-arm suspensions supported by the rigid body.
The priority for Subaru is security and guarantee of grip. 

The background
The background of the car sector is extremely complex and varied. In the market, there are many brands, but the level of competition for the Subaru car is extremely limited.

The goals
The communication of Subaru over the years, has covered the launch of new models (remember Levorg and the great success of XV) or the restyling of existing models.
    • Communicating to the target the launch of the model,
    • Building reputation to the model,
    • Maintaining and enhancing the brand awareness, 
    • Drawing the potential customer to the car dealers,
    • Stimulating the requests of drive tests at the car dealer.

The Tasks
    • The first step was to select a target for the communication strategy, a target of niche composed of men who appreciate cars that are technologically well equipped, cars that offer the tranquillity of safety without compromising on driving pleasure.
    • It was then developed the strategy of communication and of media use.
    • We chose the means on which to communicate among those with the greatest coverage on the chosen target: television, radio, press. Within each, we selected specific channels: which network TV, which radio broadcaster, which daily newspaper.
    • The media planning was then spread during the most suitable periods to this purpose.
    • The buying activity served to formalise the best economic conditions for the customer, by exploiting all the opportunities to increase the discount granted to the customer.
    • Once completed the plan, all the tools for the control of the quantity and quality of issues were actuated. TV post evaluations (how many people reached, how many times), radio or press post evaluations (issues, position control).


Subaru Italia


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