Communication Project for Wedding Elite

#Freedominlove, wedding is for everyone

The customer Wedding Elite

A group of artisans, rich in talent and united by a solid friendship, decided to create an association dedicated to marriage, with the aim to offer a complete service in the world of wedding for all pairs of future spouses: from the photographer, to the designer including the travel agency and the furniture factory; the association also involved beauticians, hairdressers and so forth. 
Thus Wedding Elite was born, a group of professionals in wedding in the region of the Marches.

The goal
The association contacted us to help in the design of the 2017 communication campaign, which was focused on the event that would have taken place inside an outstanding setting: the Hotel Excelsior La Fonte in Portonovo.

The tasks
We started to think about the concept of love without distinctions of gender and the campaign that ensued saw heterosexual and homosexual couples that, smiling, invited people to visit the event dedicated to spouses. The claim made the rest: Are you going to get married? Just decide with whom and we take care of the rest.

As it was to be expected, the advertising campaign that invaded the city of Ancona, aroused much interest, and made a bit of noise, so that some local media were intrigued by it; as a consequence, the association was invited to introduce itself and to express its thought about love with a capital L.

The communication campaign was developed on-line as well, above all on social media like Facebook and Instagram which were used to tell the story of the associates, to provide useful advices to future spouses and to coordinate the message of the advertising campaign through the hash tag #freedominlove.

A series of short empathetic videos told, with few questions, the story of the associates and their concept of a perfect marriage. The videos realized thanks to the precious collaboration of Luigi Sauro, photographer at Wedding Elite who also made the shooting of the advertising campaign, were broadcast on the YouTube channel of the association, and contributed to expand the story on Facebook. 

The website as well, which Wedding Elite already developed, was enhanced by a blog section where we told about the talent of the wedding professionals and the philosophy of the association, with the aim to create an original content useful for the reader and liked by research engines.

Wedding Elite

Other Professionists

Luigi Sauro (Fotografia e Video)

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